Kalilangan Festival focuses more on the cultural diversity of General Santos City.  All festival events will have socio-cultural...

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The Opening Ceremony of Kalilangan 2013 will take place at the Oval Plaza Stage on February 22, 2013, 6pm.  Expect lots of festive colors, sounds a...

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The Kalilangan as the carrier event of the foundation anniversary of the city in essence, is the celebration of the arrival of the first batchers led...

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The Local Government of General Santos City and Mindanao State University will jointly manage this year's Kalilangan Festival.  For your questions an...

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GENERAL SANTOS CITY (23 February 2014) - Ethnicity also colored the sceneries of the Kalilangan 2014 Agri Fair, to which many reveled in the sophistication of traditional dance and music hyped by the organic Muslim Maguindanaons. With each successive strike to the iconic "kulintang" and "agong", these residents from Barangay Batomelong accentuate Saturday, February 22, that culture has still not lost its rhythm in the city. The partnership between the city government under City Mayor Ronnel Rivera and Mindanao State University-General Santos City in Kalilangan 2014 aims to exhibit the unadulterated culture that lies here in the city. (GENSAN INFO OFFICE/Russell Delvo)

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O  by Russtum G. Pelima and Kirsten Rose B. Concon

Officials open today, February 21, the Kalilangan 2014 with Kinang, its official grand opening ceremony at the Oval Plaza.

Mayor Ronnel Rivera formally declared the opening of the week-long celebration by the leading the lighting of torches.  “Today, we continue to celebrate Kalilangan which itself means festival, to get connected with who we really are, to understand the 75 years culture and traditions of the pioneers, to re-examine and clarify our identity and to create a more gleaming and distinct image of a true inhabitant of General Santos City,” Rivera said.

Mindanao State University- General Santos Chancellor Atty. Abdurrahman T. Canacan thanked the city government for trusting the university in managing Kalilangan.  “Tonight is a very significant event for two reasons,” Canacan said. “One is that we are celebrating the 75th foundation of the city giving tribute to the settlers, to the indigenous people particularly the Blaan as well as the Moro and Maguindanaon tribes.”

“The second reason is that this year, the Kalilangan will receive its award as hall of famer as Best Cultural Festival in Culture and Arts, City level.” 
MSU- General Santos has been co-managing the Kalilangan since 2011 with the city government.  “It would not have been possible without the support of all the stakeholders in the city of General Santos. We owe you, the organizers particularly, the success of the celebrations in the previous years with your support, commitment and cooperation.

Performers from different sectors took part in the two-hour presentation of dances and music directed by Edgar Cadiente from the City Mayor’s Office. 
In particular, the presentation relived the history of General Santos City from the landing of its founder, General Paulino Santos and the first batch of settlers on the shores of Dadiangas, now General Santos City.

This year’s theme is, “Gensan @ 75: Living the Culture.”  “General Paulino Santos is not just a founder but he also gave livelihood to the people,” Candace Santos, great granddaughter of General Santos, said.  “There were still few Blaans back then. Planting kamote and rice are the only things they knew,” Mariana Galao Olarte-Lozano, a Blaan, said in vernacular in a video interview shown during the opening ceremony.

This year is also the 25th year of the Kalilangan as a cultural career event of the city.  The ceremony ended with fireworks display that lasted for 10 minutes.

Kalilangan is derived from the Maguindanaon word “Kalilang” which means commemoration or celebration.

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General Santos City (February 14, 2014) – Kalilangan 2014 opens with Red and White Zumba led by the Physical Fitness Team with President Beth Sinoy in front of the Oval stage on Friday, February 14. About a thousand generals joined the zumba. Kalilangan 2014 is dubbed as “Gensan @ 75: Living the Culture. (Photo by Russtum G. Pelima)

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The 75th Foundation Anniversary and the 2014 Kalilangan Festival was officially launched to the media on January 26, 2014at the SM Event Center of SM City Gensan.    The launching program featured the Hall of Famer status of our very own Kalilangan Festival for winning the Best Festival Culture and Arts Category for three years in a row

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As part of its outreach program, ACLC College pledges its full support to ensure the success of Kalilangan 2012. The IT school also commits the resources of its local TV channel SKC28 and the advanced technical skills of its outsourcing company Skeptron Business Solutions.


The faculty, staff and students of ACLC College will help in the tabulation and audio-visual requirements of the festival.  It has deployed its Computer-Based Accounting students to head the tabulation team while its Computer Graphics and Animation  students to assist in the preparation of graphics designs and multi-media requirements of the festival.

The outsourcing division of the IT school, Skeptron Business Solutions will develop and manage the website of the festival.  The website is a dynamic website that will enable the Generals to interact, submit articles, photos and blogs.  This dynamic format aims to make the website more interactive and interesting as it will document the festival as it unfolds as well as be attuned to the sentiments of all festival guests and web visitors.

Finally, SKC28, the local TV channel of ACLC College will also help in the promotion and showcase of the Kalilangan Festival 2011.  Keep on watching SKC28 to get the latest updates and developments of Kalilangan 2011.


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  • my kalilangan set.. :)
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  • super enjoy sa Kalilangan Festival, with my friends,,, Jardie Salas Christina Rosido Astilla Fermar Canieso Alabado Manny Estrada Escuadro Irenemae Rosalia
    4 7 · Wednesday at 9:13pm
  • its more fun in Gensan Kalilangan Festival
    2 · Wednesday at 6:40pm
  • congrats buluan!!!!!! cHAMPION GALING!!!
    1 · Wednesday at 6:40pm
  • GoodEvening ! FRieNdss ♥ Gensan and Metro Davao :) Happy Kalilangan Festival in GENSAN CITY i miss my HOME :) asisi tahahaha . justgothome , galing uyangguren with my yamkoii ♥
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    • Happy Kalilangan Festival General's :))) Make it A good Day ♥♥
      119 1 · Wednesday at 10:01am
    • today is 74th Foundation anniversary of General Santos City known as also Kalilangan Festival a festivities culture and the arts of different tribes in Gensan. Happy Kalilangan 2013 to all of us Generals.
      2 · Wednesday at 7:21am


  • This was last year's Kalilangan MOB Dance. Check this out! Msu GenSan .. Kalilangan Festival .. Bariles Republic's GenSan News Online Mag .. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLrDLmARemM
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  • waging-wagi ang grand opening ng Kalilangan Festival! To our University, job well done in organizing again this year's festivities!
    19 · February 23 at 12:14am
  • Ganda ng Opening ng Kalilangan Festival ganda ng fireworks grabe ^_^
    February 22 at 8:42pm
  • Kalilangan Festival Na! FOAM PARTY TONIGHT! SEE YOU! ^0^
    6 6 · February 22 at 7:40pm


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Photographers in action
(Feb 28, 2013) – Photographers from different media outlets both local and national and some hobbyists find their place in front of the stage trying to get their best shot during the Kadsagayan Streetdance competition Wednesday, February 27 at the Oval Plaza. (Photo by Russtum G. Pelima)


CCP Film Appreciation Seminar-workshop
(Feb 24, 2013) – Resource Speaker and Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Media Arts Head Edward De Los Santos Cabagnot, in cooperation with the SOCSKSARGEN Sociological Society, explains to participants after watching the award- winning Cinemalaya short film “Mansyon” Joel David at the first day of Film Appreciation Seminar- Workshop Saturday, February 23, at the MSU-CETD AVR. The day is part of the Kalilangan 2013 activities that started Friday, February 22, until Wednesday. The seminar-workshop will have its second day on February 25 with free registration. (Photo by Russtum G. Pelima)
(Feb 24, 2013) – Rondalla, a group of students from General Santos City National High School plays live with their string instruments at the opening ceremony of Kalilangan 2013 Friday, February 22, at the Oval Plaza. This year’s celebration showcases the talents and skills of the city’s youth across cultures of the tri-people who have been living here even before it became a city. (Photo by Behmel A. Lim)
(Feb 24, 2013) – Acoustic group SENTIMENTAL play their original composition at the public performance night Saturday, February 23, at Nadies Chickenhouse in Calumpang owned by Riavin Gasoline Station. The battle of the bands dubbed as Bandalayag, Ako-Stik and Ethno-fusion will have its grand finals on Monday, February 25, at the Oval Plaza. (Photo by Russtum G. Pelima)
(Feb 24, 2013) – Acoustic group SOUNDFLY play their original composition at the public performance night Saturday, February 23, at Nadies Chickenhouse in Calumpang owned by Riavin Gasoline Station. The battle of the bands dubbed as Bandalayag, Ako-Stik and Ethno-fusion will have its grand finals on Monday, February 25, at the Oval Plaza. (Photo by Russtum G. Pelima)



Kalilangan 2013 Ako-stik
(Feb18, 2013) Marty’s Playhouse, one of the local bands joining the Ako-stik, performs on stage with their original song entry for this year’s Kalilangan acoustic competition during the screening night Saturday, February 16, at the SM City of General Santos Al Fresco. (Russtum G. Pelima)



Kalilangan 2013 Bandalayag  (February 18, 2013) – Kamoteng Bakal, one of the local bands joining the Bandalayag, performs on stage with their original song entry for this year’s Kalilangan Battle of the Bands during the screening night Saturday, February 16, at the SM City of General Santos Al Fresco. (Russtum G. Pelima)

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